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Hey guys,

hope you had a nice weekend! This is an item that is going on the Browse page. I like designing this item elements so much. I usually make 2+ versions and offer my client to choose from.

What you see here is the following:

Progress, by hovering you see percentage value.
✔ The record of this habit
Streak value
✔ Name of the coach for this habit
Tags. The "health" tag is selected so you can click it and filter by tags. Pretty convenient in my opinion.
Plus for adding this habit to your queue.

Style wise we want to be super clean and light because there are lots of photo elelements. For main CTA and stats I chose those bright colors. I think these colors are not that commonly used.

Check out this view in context!

Make sure to see other UI bits from this project.

Feedback is welcome as always!

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