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Thai Restaurant Landing Page

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Since being in quarantine, I've been missing going to some of my favourite local restaurants. One of them is a cozy little mom-and-pop restaurant called Northern Thai that serves fantastic -- you guessed it -- Thai dishes. Their website ( was looking a little dated so I decided to honour them by taking a stab at redesigning their landing page.

As a frequent restaurant visitor, I typically want to know three things about a place before I visit it:

1) is the food good?
2) is it within my budget?
3) is it open?
4) how can I contact them to book something?

And in my redesign I took into account the following things:

1) put the focus on their food
2) play up the social proof by highlighting the many positive reviews it's gotten
3) give a welcoming and cultural (without typical trappings) vibe
4) make it easy to contact them or book something

I plan on iterating on this some more and eventually turn into a working template that anybody can use. Stay tuned!

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