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As a team we have developed a new exciting project! The following tasks were set for us:
- To create a platform that in an easy way will help to learn foreign languages quickly, and the training should be a total fun.
- To develop a content strategy and web platform structure.

To solve these problems, we looked at other platforms, conducted a social survey with a large group of people and identified the following factors:
- a large percentage of people (25%) hate learning and believe that learning foreign languages ​​is a long and difficult process;
- there is lack of time to start learning foreign languages among most of the people we’ve interviewed;
- a high percentage of people who feel shy when speaking foreign languages, fearing for making mistakes and lame pronunciation.

From content strategy to wireframes and, finally, to page design, the simplicity of the product in visual elements has been preserved. We have created a platform where your teacher and you are always on the same wavelength! Speak as best you can, and your mentor will guide you. We have developed a wide functionality for filters that help choosing a teacher at any time convenient for you.


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Posted on Apr 2, 2020
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