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Poster designs made for Prairie Applications.

About Prairie Applications
PrairieApplications is a Canadian software engineering company that specializes in modern and complex web & mobile applications. Their experience ranges from mapping visualizations, data analytics, IoT, E-commerce, APIs, and cloud solutions.

With their wide range of experience in different domains and frameworks, PrairieApps have a large toolbox and the knowledge to leverage the best tool to solve the client's problem. Their process of work ensures that the user experience is top-notch while the code base is testable and adheres to software architecture best practices.

Project Goals, Challenges & Solution
We were working closely with the founder of the company Adam Michaleski, to help him position the company as a professional software engineering firm, align the visual tone with the brand core values and design a website and an identity system that will resonate with the targeted audience.

The main goal for the website was to attract high-end clients who will understand the importance and the value of hiring a professional software engineering team. From the strategy sessions with the founder, we found that we need to create a website that will speak directly to recruiters, company managers, and HR consultants - given the type of relationships they had in the past and the type of projects that they want to work with in the future.

According to the profile of our ideal clients, their main motivation is to leverage the company where they work throughout our services. We needed to show experience, strict process and to create a service-based website that is business and results-oriented.

We delivered business and results-oriented messaging samples and focused the value proposition on those 4 sectors: Automating Inefficiencies, Increasing Exposure, Modern Software Architecture, Automated Test Suite. To narrow down the business core values to align with our ideal client needs.

Services Provided

• Branding Strategy
• Visual Identity Design
• Tone of Voice
• Website Design
• Campaign Design


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