Neomind – Style Exploration

Early and quick design explorations are crucial to nail down styling and letting clients grasp their brand from different perspectives.

I spent a couple of days exploring different styles and explored two main approaches, wise and knowledgable, or tech futuristic and savvy.

With 15 years in the industry, Neomind is a Ruby on Rails agency that focuses on long term ongoing relationships with their clients. They often take over successful applications to increase their revenue and expand their reach.

I redesigned their dashboard, an app that tracks the state of every project. An app that takes care of the state of every client and project in terms of stewardship.

I redesigned their brand, logo, colors, and web design and took the role of bringing it into the Webflow CMS with full integrations and animations. Alongside a style guide, rules, and components for the ease of creating new pages in the future.