KATA - Design Store Branding

Hi, Dears!

Happy to present you my first shot on Dribbble - a brand identity I did recently for Kata Design Store.

Kata - design store based on the territory of a centre for contemporary art and inspired by the aesthetics of Georgia. Store stands out of the crowd with the unique artworks, interior design elements, ceramic pieces and rare books. Also, Kata is a place for local events and activities.

The goal was to create youth, brave and a little bit ironic visual identity but keep it minimal to underline store's philosophy. Grids and gradients were used in a design system to represent the importance of being yourself in the situation of total limitations and strict laws.

Link to the project presentation on Behance- https://www.behance.net/gallery/85955245/KATA-Design-Store-Branding

Oleksandr Lykhohrai
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