After taking a long break from contracting, and Dribbble, I've returned in order to stay productive during recent events.

I wanted to start participating in the weekly warm ups. Looking at the rebounds, it seems like a lot of designers use illustration - which tempted me. However, because I want to stay consistent with my profile's theme, I chose to create a "UI" out of the mantra I had chosen. This would be a from a business that wants to address recent events on their website.

"Know the white, yet keep the black!" is a mantra from the Tao Te Ching (ch. 28) by Lao Tsu. This is a mantra I discovered in 2017 and have repeated to myself in hard times. The white and black are references to Order and Chaos, the perversion of Taoism. The symbol (yin yang) represents balance, and that in Chaos, Order will inevitably follow. The opposite is also true in this philosophy, but I prefer to remind myself of the positive :-) Stay healthy!

Luke Isitt
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