Expressions of my Mental State Book

In my Narrative Design class, I wanted to create an interactive novel for my last project. Essentially, a visual novel video game. After researching the various game engines I could use, I picked one and excitedly made a proof of concept tech demo. All it did was script out some dialogue, and people appearing and disappearing, with a movie shown at the end. I was ecstatic. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me at this point. I came down with a really bad bout of seasonal affective disorder, which is a seasonally caused spurt of depression.
Suddenly, the project that I was excited to work on wasn’t happening anymore. The work just wasn’t coming out of me. Pivoting to a different project, I intended on making a poster series. That also went poorly. Finally, in a weekend of frustration, I illustrated and wrote this poem book, which is based off the three main mood disorders that plague my day-to-day life. I think this work came out successfully because it is authentically what I was going through in the moment. The visual novel idea would go on to become Panic Party, which I developed in my Human Experience class.

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Posted on Mar 29, 2020

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