Sharing Wibbitz's color system we created as part of the whole design system. The colors themselves were based on their previous color scheme. We provided balance and expansion of the palette by introducing the extended palette used for illustrations, smaller actions and backgrounds.

Wibbitz new brand colors have been carefully selected to indicate a modern, friendly and dynamic brand geared towards freedom. Freedom to create.

The new Blue as primary has been adjusted with a new vibrant look to modernize its application in the digital era. It is connected to Wibbitz values and forms the basis of their identity system.

The color breakdowns are meant to capture the emotional intent of our palette, allowing a consistent relationship across digital and printed applications.

Also, a small fun fact to indicate the level of care and thought that goes into setting up colors. Each of the main palette (blue, orange, yellow, green, red, purple) has its RGB values divisible by 5.

Anyhow, stay safe and all the best!

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