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Branding Webinar - 50% Off Sale

We’re having a limited time half-off campaign on my Responsive Branding Webinar via Retro Supply Co.

ALSO! Please note:
We wanted to give you tons of value because of the tough times so we're adding the portrait training for free and also a free sample of one of my favorite tips.

This thing is loaded with a lot of content.

Here’s what you’re going to get:

• 17 Training module videos with me working on a branding project from start to finish
• Two 120-minute webinars
• One 60-minute bonus webinar
• Transcripts for every training module video
• 14 pieces of templates & resources

Here’s what we’re covering:

• Step-by-step creation of a responsive brand identity
• Client communication
• Writing a proposal
• In-depth client questionnaire explanation
• Building a mood board
• Going from sketch to final product
• Working on a common goal with the client on ONE concept, instead of multiple
• Creating a rock solid brand presentation
• Creating a client brand book

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