Thursday Giveaway: Music App Concept

Well it's not Friday yet, so we can't call this one a Friday Freebie. We'll call it Thursday Giveaway instead. Splendid idea.

We are in a sharing mood again, so today we're givng away a free Adobe Xd concept of a mobile music app. You're free to download the freebie and use it in any way you want. You can either learn stuff and propel yourself towards the stars or just simply use the thing for a project of your own. We don't mind. We gave it away. For free. Yeah, we know.

You can download the Xd file from the downloads on the right or by simply clicking here.

So anyway, show us some love by liking the shot or following our work. It would make us happy in these gloomy times.

For more about us and our work make sure to check Behance, Facebook and Instagram. 🙌
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