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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 163: Pt. 1 Getting Creatively Unstuck - Side Hustler’s Coaching Student Special⁣

We have a 2-part #podcast Series kicking off today called The Side Hustler’s Program Student Spotlight Call.

This is a 3-month Group Coaching Mastermind between 12 hand-selected students all across the world. 

These students are creating a passion project they can leverage all while building a foundation for long-term creative success.

This 2 part series is based on a Hot Seat Call. There’s no fancy mics or planned agendas. It’s just 12 hungry creatives making time to meet outside of jobs and families to grow and work together toward unlocking their creative breakthrough.

We specifically talk about niching down, Instagram tips, overcoming comparison, and more.

Listen to the full episode here.

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