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  1. Rikke Gantzel Rikke Gantzel

    Hello everybody

    I'm playing around with this icon, but I don't think I nailed it yet.

    Do any of you have an idea of what I could do with it?

    All comments, tips, rebounds are appreciated!

    Thanks :)


    11 months ago

  2. MiniShit MiniShit

    like it!

    11 months ago

  3. Sergey Sokurenko Sergey Sokurenko

    Nice typography.
    IMHO the shade gradients in the R should be softer.
    And could play around with the color scheme.

    11 months ago

  4. Rikke Gantzel Rikke Gantzel

    @MiniShit Thanks! :)
    @Sergey Sokurenko thanks, i will try that!

    11 months ago

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