WIP / Oakhill

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  1. Peter Smith Peter Smith

    Continuing to work through this project...proving to be much more difficult than I imagined, but I also think it's getting to a much better place.

    Pending (finger's crossed) basic client approval, I'm going to be reworking a number of things on this, including tweaking stroke widths to have more thick/thin contrast, and making it feel a little more 'organic.' But we shall see...

    Thoughts? Opinions? Love? Hate?

    11 months ago

  2. Berin Hasi Berin Hasi

    Peter, great work man!

    11 months ago

  3. Peter Smith Peter Smith

    @Berin Hasi Thanks...hopefully the client agrees and I can wrap this project up!


    11 months ago

  4. Peter Smith Peter Smith

    Ahhhhh...and another one rejected.

    11 months ago

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