Ode de Choko

It's been a long time since I've used my oil pastels, however tonight I was inspired by a mis-understood vegetable called a Choko (also known by many other names - such as Chayote).

My Dad feverishly grows these by the bucketload every year (he LOVES them) and hands them out to any who are brave enough to give one a try. Chokos have barely any flavour and are quite watery (plus they're not exactly the most attractive vegetable)..
When added to a hearty, homemade vegetable soup though, they soak up the flavour of all the other ingredients and so morph into the most delicious vegetable ever!
After the soup is in your belly and you're relaxing by a fire, you could almost forgive them for being slimy and hard to hold when peeled too...

This is my Ode de Choko.

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