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I'm a little late with this thank you, but my excuses are many (!): a devastating tornado, show teardown and transport back to Chicago, months of backlogged client work, THE PLAGUE, etc...

Anyway, T H A N K Y O U to all who came out to my first big solo show, World Building, at Watkins College of Art, and thanks as well to the three classes of students that let me rant at them. I've been joking about my less-than-stellar quarantine birthday, but honestly one of the things I had been saying in the lead up to the show was that - let's be honest - a solo show is about as close as an adult can get to a child's birthday party. People file in, are forced to pay you compliments and admire your "talent", and the whole time everything is decidedly about you in a way that is uncomfortable for a reasonably adjusted adult. Heck, even the environment is decorated to birthday boy's specs.

Being an UNadjusted adult then, I can tell y'all it was an amazing reception, and I soaked it up:) I am SO GRATEFUL for all the beautiful/kind/cool Nashville peeps I've known for years at this point, and who came to support me at my most frenzied. Lex and I were so sleep deprived by the end of the night that the whole experience felt like the most wonderful, surreal dream ("And you were there, and you were there too..."). It was easily one of the best nights of my life, and I'll love all involved forever for it ❤️ — Hoping to recreate it in Chi eventually post COVID-19...

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