Weather #2

Still in the infancy of this idea/concept. Decided to work on this a little tonight and move it from the half-moon shape to the full "Weather Clock". Thanks to @Scott O'Hara for the idea of moving from the half circle to the full circle. I've had to change how things like sunrise/sunset are shown.

I'm a little worried about the size of this. It looks like it may lose some of the detail and 'look', if you will, when made smaller. I've tweaked the icons because the last ones were bugging me - these will be sure to be tweaked and changed as this gets closer to a final thought. The colors will also be changed - I'm struggling with how to portray the moon.

Alss thinking of the other icons that will need to go on this, things like radar, future forecast, weather warnings, switching cities, etc.

Fun to go through all of this.

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