Freecns Cumulus

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  1. Yannick Lung Yannick Lung

    It has been a while since Freecns got updated.

    First, I want to thank everybody who helped me to get Freecns where it is at the moment. Recently the icon set passed 30.000 downloads. I think this is an amazing number! So thank you a lot! I really appreciate it!

    But now let's get to the announcement. As some may have already seen on Twitter I started to work on a new icon set which will be a free addition to Freecns. It will be called Cumulus (for those who don't know what Cumulus is, just google Cumulus clouds).
    Yet, I can not announce everything but I can say you will like it!

    If you want to get the latest news of Freecns I highly recommend to like it on Facebook or on Twitter

    Once again, thanks a lot! I really look forward into a bright future for Freecns!

    11 months ago

  2. Here is a sneak peek of Freecns Cumulus.
    So far I really like how they turn out and I can not wait to show you more!

    11 months ago

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