Appstronauts is live!!!

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Well, after over a year and a half, phase 1 of the new Appstronauts is finally live!!

Man, I learned so much through this process. I tried to change my branding until @Dann Petty convinced me it didn't suck. I begged @Eric Hoffman to design it for me because I didn't have time to, but just ended up buckling down myself. I bugged @Kyle Barrett and everyone at Whiteboard with my javascript issues....

Yes, there's buttons in iPhone view that float left. Yes, I did mix three icon sets( thanks @Rogie) along with hand sketches, and that's supposedly a no-no. Yes, the projects don't have their own pages...yet.

But somewhere along the line, I learned about myself. I became a better designer. And programmer. And for that, I wouldn't change a thing. For now. know, it's my portfolio. That's what we do ;-)

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