"Still in its infancy, the CBD beverage market is growing nationally without a current leader that the public recognizes and trusts. With clean, simple ingredients, transparent production practices, and a better-tasting product, For Joy is an authentic, sincere choice that draws in a wide net of younger and older audiences alike.

As much as For Joy cares about offering a quality beverage product, we care more about the community we’re creating with our brand. Not unlike the global-ness of tea consumption, For Joy also believes our universal desire for joy has the power to bring people together, strengthening lives and communities. We want to be a place for people to come and laugh, be inspired, and feel restored.

For Joy knows that in this day and age, joy is a revolutionary act. Seeking and finding joy in the midst of personal stress and anxiety can feel unattainable, and we aim to be there in those moments to offer balance."

-For Joy Brand Strategy, Focus Lab

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