Flip it!


Among the many innovations that Google has unveiled at Google I/O, there was also the redesign of Google+.

I noticed that right in between the new features that big G has implemented, there was the flip of the content, in this case of hashtags.

As soon as I saw the video presentation of the new Google+, I popped along a smile from ear to ear.

Then I felt proud of myself, because I had implemented that feature in the portal for gaming that I had submitted a few days before in an exam in college.

So I thought something that was then presented by Google has made me extremely proud of myself.

I mentioned this video these days to @Fabio Basile and @Fabrizio Rinaldi and Fffabs told me that it could also be implemented, so hopefully well. ;)

This is the video that I made for the exam https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3637831/Sharing/Mo%27poly.mp4, I'll show you the entire portal in the next days.

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