Reliable Engineering Stores

I was commissioned by another Engineering supply company which primarily focused on manufacturing & supplying fasteners (bolts, nuts, screws, & washers).

Initially i was against the idea of using any of the clients products in the identity since that is pretty much what the competition did. However the identities of my clients competition lacked aesthetic finishing (my opinion).

So I chose to use the primary concept of the fasteners product range -- threads. Everything had threads. Screws had male threads. Nuts had female threads.

I was also informed in the brief that the firm had been around for nearly 60 years. Now reliability does not come overnight. It is built with trust (and vice versa) and that comes over time. (Is that time 60 years? Well let the audience decide on that.)

Taking points from the two understandings above I designed an identity where the letter "E" would be modified to resemble podium or steps -- signifying the years the firm has been in business and the trust it has built. And I threaded each horizontal bar of the modified "E" to resemble its products.

Alas I had my identity. I know now, my identity is reliable.

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