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Hi guys! 🙌 It’s time to share one more project from the previous year. This one is a corporate website for unordinary lawyers who keep up with the times and are ready to change the established way of communication in their industry. Kelman Law is a company of two brothers Zachary and Daniel. They are very unlike other lawyers we knew before: they are young, energetic, speak simple language and are pretty fun guys. And they know their thing in tech. So, the challenge was to build a bridge between technology startups, that need qualified legal assistance and lawyers who can provide it. 👌

This website is a kind of rebellion against thousands of boring same-looking websites with an overwhelming amount of text, that is absolutely incomprehensible for ordinary people. We simplified and warmed-up the language company speaks to users. Made it human.

That’s why we used emojis. The idea was that the target audience spends a lot of time in messengers, so emojis could help to create a visual environment that feels familiar and reminds more of a chat rather than a sophisticated lawyers’ site.To balance a bit lightweight emojis speaking tone, we used ancient statues. As everyone knows, all modern laws take roots in ancient Greece and Roman law. So this way we connected the past with the present.

Press “L” if you like it ❤!

Art direction & UX @Serhii Litnevski

Also, welcome to check the Behance case for this project!

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