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We've recently changed the appearance of a single document view in Contractbook. I'm very excited to share the final effect with you today. Here you can learn more about how Contractbook works.

The main goal was to simplify the process of creating and managing a document through the entire contract life-cycle.

The Process
When taking over the project I decided to take a step back and devoted some time to do my research, to better understand the requirements and the problem that needs to be solved. I increasingly appreciate the importance of in-depth research. Usually, I spend much time analyzing users' feedback, mapping out friction points, use cases and so on. In this particular case, together with the design team, we devoted a lot of attention to improve overall information architecture. We also paid special attention to the feedback received from our users. After several rounds of wireframes and mockups, we've come up with this solution.

Main changes:
👉 we improved the user experience of "Who will sign the contract" section by providing visual cues and info.
👉 “Fill in” and “Edit” modes got merged and replaced by “Create” mode, making the workflow of contract creation easier.
👉 we've added the "Preview" mode that allows our users to see exactly how the final contract will look like.
👉 we've introduced toggle that enables text editing. By default, text editing is disabled to prevent mistakes.
👉 for better overview, we introduced a sidebar that includes three main sections: Info, Comments, and Tasks.
👉 the signature section has been visually highlighted.

Special thanks to designers who took a part of this project Mateusz Piątek, Dominik Bednarz, Adam Rozmus and to Jarek Owczarek for managing the project and providing valuable feedback.

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