An Explosion of Creativity

Concepts for Corel Painter 2016's box art.

Painter 2016 debuted two new brush features: Dynamic Speckles (updated particle and bristle brush technology) and Audio Expression (like pressure on a Wacom tablet, Painter could use audio to vary brush properties while painting for the first time).

The new features played a large role in the art. Dynamic Speckles brushes controlled by sound intermingle with favorites from previous versions of Painter.

It's about making a mark on the canvas, and is inspired by music — a cacophony of notes and sounds coming together in complex patterns to form something beautiful.

- An Explosion of Creativity
- Pineapple Unfolded
- Pineapple Unfolded (Zoom)
- Something Blue
- Something Blue (Zoom)
- Lotus Splashdown
- Poppy in Four Dimensions
- Electric Rose

Chris Price
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