Mobile Devices Icons V3 [PSD + EPS + sketch]

Here's a new update on my Mobile Devices Icons that you seem to enjoy (the V2 is my most viewed, most liked shot ever), by far. And I've had the pleasure to catch them used on several websites, which makes me really happy!

For this update, you'll find several new popular devices:

You will find here some of the most popular mobile devices out there:
• Nokia Lumia 900
• HTC One [NEW]
• Samsung Galaxy SIV [NEW]
• Samsung Galaxy SIII
• Nexus 4 [NEW]
• iPhone 5
• iPhone 4/S
• Microsoft Surface [NEW]
• Nexus 7
• Nexus 10 [NEW]
• iPad
• iPad Mini

The icons come in PSD, EPS and as I'm a big big fan of, the set is now available in .sketch.

Feel free to play with them, remix them and use them on any personal or commercial project you like!




Hope you enjoy!

PS: this is a repost due to recent @dribbble server outrage. Don't forget to re-like or re-share them, the previous links are definitely lost unfortunately despite the work of the wonderful Dribbble team.
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