Flatbox Logo

5 Responses

  1. Kris Mendoza Kris Mendoza

    As we're becoming official, we've decide to change our name from Equal Foundry to FlatBox Interactive, let me know what you think of our new logo.

    11 months ago

  2. Alex S. Lakas Alex S. Lakas

    Actually pretty slick man. Nice colors, depth and simplicity. Solid work.

    11 months ago

  3. Kyle Gray Kyle Gray

    Like the colors but since the logo has sharp edges what about going with a font that has similar edges? Might go better together. Otherwise nicely done.


    11 months ago

  4. Jeremiah Wingett Jeremiah Wingett


    11 months ago

  5. Jordan Steranka Jordan Steranka

    Looks great I like the whole logo, name, colors a lot better!

    11 months ago

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