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This is three and a half years old, one of the first projects done while at TST Media/Sport Ngin, way back in Fall 2009.

The project was to create a team page that would present a large amount of info related to that team—schedule, stats, and standings—have it customized to match the team's logo and colors, all without turning into eye bleach.

The result worked out very well. There's a tight schedule in the slider that reveals more details about that day on hover (not shown). The box scores were the best designed on the 'net at the time. And those colors in the top left were done purely with CSS so they could be generated automatically for each team.

Another testament to the design's solidity and flexibility is that as the platform has grown over the years, and more data has been added, the core layout has aged well and persists to this day without being overly cluttered.

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