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DenEco - Logo Design 🏠📱

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Logo and UI interface for DenEco, a Smart Eco Home Heating Service.

As in every identity project, I enjoy the creative exploration part the most. It gives you creative freedom while you’re looking for that perfect match.

For this project I felt a clean and smart icon was needed, so I was first looking for a nice connection with a home symbol. Later I explored more directions within the color wheel to communicate the heat element within Den’s service.

I also ‘discovered’ that using Braille in logo design can be super interesting. My idea with this concept was that you really have to ‘feel’ the warmth (same as Braille: you need to feel it first to know what it means) and that referred nicely to the feeling-sense of Den’s service. Later on I felt this concept may not hold the weight of what Braille communicates in other contexts. So route 3 + 4 were created (see attachement).

First with the intention of keeping it all simple and with one ‘endless line’, and then I felt the need to include a warmth/heat element which can be seen in my final option.

At this point I wasn't 100% sure if the 3rd or 4th route worked best. But it’s all about exploration and making the connection between what a mark means to a brand/service and if they are in line of what people should see and understand when looking at the visual meaning of it.

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