Sublime Text Icon Redux

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  1. Ronan Flynn Ronan Flynn

    Version 2 - smaller/simpler icon. Ditched the S shape.

    A replacement icon for the Sublime Text code editor, to match up with the colour scheme I like to use.

    How to use

    Inspired by Roy Barber's shot and the night version of the excellent Tomorrow colour theme.

    Lots of other wonderful ST icons from around Dribbble here.

    11 months ago

  2. Zeki | Flat & Filthy Zeki | Flat & Filthy

    Sexy icon mate

    11 months ago

  3. Nicholas Flees Nicholas Flees

    This is awesome. I have been using it since you posted the shot and I get a brief moment of satisfaction every time I open Sublime Text now. Thanks!


    10 months ago

  4. Ronan Flynn Ronan Flynn

    Thanks @Nicholas Flees that's really nice to hear!

    10 months ago

  5. Tady Walsh Tady Walsh

    I love it. So much better than the original...

    9 months ago

  6. Samo Korošec Samo Korošec

    I really like the simplicity of forms you’re using, and the contrast. It makes it easy for the eye to scan the icon, it’s unique enough to be easily recognizable even in the dock and the circle itself makes for a strong shape (which is one of the things I am not happy with with my icon, but then, that was more of an excercise in Blender than a real attempt…).

    Good work. :)


    7 months ago

  7. Ronan Flynn Ronan Flynn

    Cheers @Samo Korošec! Thanks for making your icons and inspiring me to go and do the same.

    7 months ago

  8. I really, really liked this Sublime Text icon idea. There were just a few things that I wanted to change. One being that I use this "Tomorrow Night" theme and I wanted the icon to use those colors. Thanks @Phillip Le for drafting me so that I could rebound and share.

    Also working on a replacement because the reflections on the stock icon bother the heck out of me. Both icons were done in

    icns file:

    8 days ago

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