The Localization

“Ş” is one of the accent characters in Turkish. In a typeface, a cedilla (hook) aligned horizontally under the “S” is a diacritical mark that modifies its’ pronunciation. A well designed latin set includes a special character with the exact same name (it’s like a sickle which one can recall by old Soviet Union flag) if it does not have necessarily a couple of our good old “Ş”. But, significant amount of typefaces use just a comma for the same purpose — which I do underline here.

There may be certain “comma separated values” between different cultures which sometimes can leake — well, actually as common values as the things that was dug down deep. More details are on my blog post and the egos are for one to own! Be free to download (both vector and bitmap versions with an extra/alternate character) if you’d like to do it for fun. That’s the conclusion of the whole matter.

Your complimentary download link:

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