Impossible Jack


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  1. CreatureBox CreatureBox

    Just a hop, skip and a jump to safety!

    And for anyone who's looking for a few more monsters, robots or spacemen in their life, we'll be releasing the remaining copies of The Monster Volume in our shop tomorrow (Monday) at Noon EST! The book clocks in at 140 pages and was 5 years in the making. That's a lot of pixels and tentacles!


    11 months ago

  2. Stanley Haladej Stanley Haladej

    I love your works man, keep in. I am just amazed how good you are

    11 months ago

  3. Csaba Khilenberg Csaba Khilenberg

    Hard work, great tentacles, and eyes and teeth. Really nice. Thx for sharing.

    11 months ago

  4. Kyee Kyee

    Looks great. Love your work!

    11 months ago

  5. Dan Lehman Dan Lehman

    its been to long! I'm sure you guys are busy for all the right reasons!

    11 months ago

  6. Michael van den Bosch Michael van den Bosch

    Lovely stuff! ;)

    11 months ago

  7. Nuruzzaman Sheikh Nuruzzaman Sheikh


    11 months ago

  8. Phil Giarrusso Phil Giarrusso

    Love this!

    11 months ago

  9. Nazar Kondratyuk Nazar Kondratyuk

    Looks like bloodseeker. Love that monsters.

    7 months ago

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