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FREE EGYPT egypt internet freedom network shirt tshirt human rights

You might or might not have heard about what is going on in Egypt right now. People are protesting for their basic human rights. (If you haven't heard about this yet I encourage you to watch this video:

The government has turned off the internet for the egyptian people today to stop the large protests that were being organized through technology today.

I really wanted to help in some way, even if it just .00000000000001%

I decided since I couldn't print one fast enough, I would design a T-Shirt and draw it out in sharpie and wear to school tomorrow.

Here is the original .ai file I used, feel free to modify/distribute/change/whatever you want with it, I don't care about credit or anything, just want to do anything I can to help raise awareness for the people risking their lives for things we all have that we take for granted.


Poster version too: (preview:

P.S. I know the designs aren't super great or anything, didn't get a lot of time to work on them, had to do an all nighter tonight because I had a ton of homework due.


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