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  1. Eric Kreutzer Eric Kreutzer

    Been using Sketch a lot lately. It's a love/hate thing for me right now. It works so well but I'm not sure if it's because I'm using the beta or what but the performance of it sometimes is almost unbearable.

    When I'm zooming in and out and changing styles I'll zoom back to 100% and random groups will not render and I have to toggle show/hide to get them to render again. Sometimes it will get in some weird mode where it won't re-render the update to the layer styles and I'll have to quit it and re-open to get everything working properly again.

    Does anyone else have these problems? I wanna love it.

    12 months ago

  2. Jordan Brown Jordan Brown

    What's dis for?


    12 months ago

  3. Adam Hosp Adam Hosp

    @Eric Kreutzer I'm in the same boat. I love it 85% of the time... and the other 15% I think I hate it. I have a lot of the same glitch issues you have. Lately I've just been rebooting the app every few hours which seems to help. I also try and keep files 'smaller' than I might otherwise do with Adobe products.


    12 months ago

  4. Kee Yen Yeo Kee Yen Yeo

    @Eric Kreutzer yes it happens, sometimes I have to copy all the layers and paste in the new document to let it work fine. Nice work btw :)

    11 months ago

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