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Tomorrow evening I’ll be dragging myself out of my warm comfy bed bright & early and hopping on a plane to New York city to help Bordo Bello do their thing in the big city. It’ll be like that all time classic, Curious George and the Big City, only with more beer. Definitely more beer. And more art. Lots of great art.

For those of you who don’t know what Bordo Bello is: it’s a skateboard art charity that has helped raise oodles of money for local charities in Denver for a number of years. For this special NYC exhibit though, Bordo Bello will still be auctioning off decks to help local NYC charities along with some Denver charities, but will also be bringing together collections of past decks to help tell the story of Bordo Bello to a new audience. It really is a rare chance to see a diverse display of talents from people who wouldn’t normally have their work shown together on the same walls, much less featured in a gallery. So come on down, the event starts at 6pm and runs until 11. Details here:

In addition to the live auction, a select number of decks are being put up for sale on ebay, including my NYC inspired deck (Bid on it here: You can see all the decks available for bidding here:

You can read my blog post about it here:

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