Iron Man

Iron man

It's a pity, but it's been almost exactly one year since my last upload. So today I want to end this break with a little practice of mine.

It's my vision of @virus' Iron Man icon. I love his way of lighting and the idea of fitting the helmet into an icon-like shape.
However, I wanted to see if I could improve some of it a bit more. Therefore, I made my own icon completely from scratch. I focused especially on improving the shapes and the proportions and added some additional details and of course I had to do it in iOS icon size.
As I've said this is just a practice and won't be shared or released. I hope @virus takes it as a compliment.

It has been a really busy year for me and I've worked hard on getting better and better. There are quite a few projects I would like to upload soon and I'm really excited about that. I've worked on personal stuff and for clients in the theming community.
Sometime in the future I would love to work on an icon for a real iOS app.

Btw have you watched Iron Man 3 yet?

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