BookTranslate [GIF]


Hey guys! Let me show you a quick animation of my own app. This app is very simple, just a few screens. The idea was to create an app that I could use during reading foreign books. You know I'm russian myself, and often I like to spend my free time reading english books. And some time ago I've discovered very interesting crime novels by Val McDermid, and then there was a problem...these books were full of new words for me, not the easy words that we usually can hear in movies, but uncommon words or words used in a specific area, such as here - psychology or forensics. So I decided to create an app where I could add all these words and word combinations, look up for a translation, sort it by topics and remember it. I tried to use dictionaries, but there's a lot of unnecessary words to me, and I always had to look for a needed one. That's why I came up with this idea.

What do you think? :)

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