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NEW PERSPECTIVE PODCAST EP 161: The Key to Standing Out - 3 Ingredients that Make Up Your Secret Sauce

What’s the secret to making the secret sauce that’ll keep people craving your work while others seem to get lost in the shuffle?

In our creative world, we pretty much all have access to similar tools, mediums, and distribution channels to get our work out there.

However, the way we rise above the noise is how we show up and pour ourselves into our work.

Showing yourself in your work builds trust, likeability, and relatability—which can fuel a long-term successful creative side hustle.

Today's Perspective #podcast episode breaks down the 3 main ingredients that I feel make up your truly YOUnique secret sauce. (I have action steps baked into the episode!)

Don't be afraid to show up as your true self online and in-person.

Listen to the full episode here.

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