Currency exchanger

Currency converter apps💷 have recently become very popular as the habit of exchanging physical money💰 has almost totally given way to technology solutions that let us exchange and monitor currency, not just for holidays money for as a way to make a living.

As many people now rely upon their online converters, we extended with the functionalities of loans, debit cards and messages.

The main space of the application is dedicated to the user’s wallets, with an overview of currencies and recent transaction history. Each specified currency in wallet history can also be shown as a chart for fast analysis. Loans are also made easy with sliders that allow adjustment of the loan amount and time to see the expected installments. And we added an auto-investing which is a kind of autopilot for planning investments.

We wanted to move away from a design that looks like a profit-loss sheet or a bunch of info-heavy charts. It is no longer only financial analysts and brokers🏦 who use convertors regularly. Everyday people can now play the markets and make a living, as well as needing apps for travel and everyday life. That’s why we moved away from the finance industry💸 standard and went for a unique background color and an interface that is instantly accessible to anyone who wants to get involved in currency exchange.

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