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  1. Meagan Fisher Meagan Fisher

    Continuing to evolve the style on the Chartbeat marketing site. Psyched about this latest direction.


    12 months ago

  2. Kerem Suer Kerem Suer

    I'm loving the hard shadows. Engagement is misspelled, heads up.


    12 months ago

  3. Othmane Machrouh Othmane Machrouh

    It looks awesome.

    12 months ago

  4. Julien Renvoye Julien Renvoye

    Can not wait what you are cooking :)

    12 months ago

  5. Christopher Denais Christopher Denais

    Love those shadows, can't wait to see the finished product.

    12 months ago

  6. Sophie Clark Sophie Clark

    Will each frame have it's own tooltip? (arrow direction) Or will that change along as you move your mouse?

    I'm asking because I don't code and am curious

    12 months ago

  7. Charlie Chauvin Charlie Chauvin

    Beautiful colors.

    12 months ago

  8. John Marstall John Marstall

    5x as entertaining if you read "engagement" as "enragement."

    12 months ago

  9. Justina Valuzyte Justina Valuzyte

    Diggin those flat shadows!

    9 months ago

  10. Alex Coven Alex Coven

    beautiful colors!

    8 months ago

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