Sam Beckett

iOS 7 FaceTime and Safari Icons

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iOS 7 FaceTime and Safari Icons ios ios7 ios 7 icons apple flat safari facetime camera compass blue green simple modern

With the rumours of Jony Ive completely rethinking the styling of iOS icons, I thought it would be a good idea to realistically tackle the same problem he faces.

There has been a lot of talk about making iOS 'flatter' and less realistic by abandoning the use of skeuomorphism. The problem is, the word flat (to most people), makes them think of Windows 8.

What if Apple could 'dilute' the look of iOS. By retaining the colours and shapes we are used to, but having the design drastically simplified.

The examples here of FaceTime and Safari use the iconic shapes, but that is all. No gloss, no texture, less shadows. Flatter but not *flat* and that's important.

As always any feedback is very welcome!

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