Born into a fisherman's family, he studied the habits and passions of caught prey from childhood. By the time of his birth, his father had already turned 167 years old, and completely crazy in recent years, he only repeated the words “There is no soul! It's no more! ”, Which, of course, was the delirium of a crazy old man.
The boy did not like working as a fisherman at all. He believed that fish can be, if not a companion, then a good tool that will show you how to get out of poverty.
After 62 years, exploring the next cave, he came across a fish, which he had never seen before. In an attempt to catch her, he went deeper and deeper, following her glow, which seemed to grow with every meter. Suddenly, he caught a smell that seemed familiar to him from childhood. It smelled of the empty bottle from his father's desk.
On that day, he found “The Little Mermaid Soul” - the gas so desired by his father in recent years. Gas, giving a long life, but driving crazy over time.

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