Undead Helmsman (Character Design)

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Ahoy there!

Here be a character design for the London Poopdeck exhibition, May 2013 by Ammo Magazine and Inky Goodness.

I was given the task of designing the 'Undead Helmsman'. Before I began, I thought it'd be nice to introduce a narrative to the character, and come up with a humorous way in which he may have become deceased. Being a pirate, I thought a sword to the head would be an honourable way to go, but this pirate is a bit rubbish and while he did die from a sword to the head, it's not the kind of sword you might expect…

As pirates often have bits of wood or metal hooks replacing lost limbs, I thought why not take this one step further? As the man behind the wheel, so-to-speak, why not have the ship's wheel replace some missing arms - forever fusing him to his role on board the Good Ship Poop Deck.

Full design attached. Tell me what ye think or walk the plank!

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