Multitool Display Concept

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  1. Thomas Drach Thomas Drach

    This is a concept I'm working with for my Senior Design project. We designed and prototyped a multitool that will actually be built. This print will be used for display and informational purposes once it's complete.

    The main portion of the tool is this detachable T-handle, with additional attachments, the tool can be used for several purposes, but we're focusing on the entertainment industry.

    Feedback? Does it work?


    12 months ago

  2. Blake Perdue Blake Perdue

    Looks awesome to me. Love the colors and the simplicity of the icons. Could you perhaps add a few more icons so you're not just repeating the same three?


    12 months ago

  3. Thomas Drach Thomas Drach

    @Blake Perdue Thanks! And yes absolutely. That was my plan originally, to draw more icons and spread them like I did above. I'll be working on it and will hopefully have the finished version up soon.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    12 months ago

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