Balraj Chana

FREE PSDs - iGravity Screen Layers (Up to 4 in 1)

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FREE PSDs - iGravity Screen Layers (Up to 4 in 1) free giveaway screens igravity psd layers iphone 5 3d screen freebie template

Hi guys,

I have been receiving a lot of requests from Dribbble players about how to achieve the gravity effect that was seen in my previous shot for the TinyLove app. So I've decided to give away 4 different PSDs that includes up to 1, 2, 3 and 4 screens in a single shot.

It's very customisable, all you have to do is edit the smart object to include your 640 x 1136px screen and change the background colour to any colour of your choice.

You can download the files using this link (20 MB).


Also, don't forget to check out the Real Pixels for a music app concept!

EDIT: Dropbox has temporarily disabled the link (too much traffic). I've attached the PSD's to the shot.


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