Eurocard Login

Eurocard Login

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As a consultant for Bontouch (, I've been part of helping credit card provider Eurocard ( with their new iOS app.

The large corner radiuses of the app is inspired from the credit card that this app will accompany. When you hit the login button, the main screen is flipped around to reveal the login page.

The login page itself resembles the physical credit card (platinum variant) and has a shine effect that is controlled by the accelerometer, giving the screen a subtle glimmer.

Props to Bontouch for a great implementation of the feature – I'd like to call it accelerometer controlled material simulation at its best. It's best seen live, so I recommend you download the app and try it out.

I uploaded a movie of the effect, but it's subtle and hard to capture on camera, however it might give you and idea of what it looks like.

Eurocard on the App Store:


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