Story time: this was my first logo.🐋
First commercial, contracted logo that I’ve created around 8 years ago, while thinking I know enough about design to go freelance. I was very wrong, and life proved that to me the hard way. I went broke in the first 6 months 🤸‍♂️

And I cherish that experience. I had to take a hard hit to the face to become more humble, learn how to listen to others and that I’m not always the smartest guy in the room. Since then, I’ve learned A LOT about both design, entrepreneurship and running a business.

The weird thing is that I can’t remember what the client’s company name was. Arctic whale expedition? Something like that. They used to take people whale watching somewhere of the coast of Norway I think. I’m not sure. It’s strange that I don’t remember “my first” ;)

Let me know what you think.

And keep an eye out for Bling iD, we're gonna hit soon and hit hard with a lot of good stuff 🔥

Adam Karpisz
Principal Designer @PerchPeek ↡↡↡

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