Weather App

Weather App

These are some mockups of an app I created for Sarah Mick's Skillshare class. The color scheme and app name (temp) were given to us and the rest was up to each designer to create the app.

My main goal was to focus on the people who just want the quick-hit info about the weather: location, current temperature and conditions, highs/lows for that day, and the option to view a simple 7-day forecast. These are the things I usually look for when checking the weather, so I wanted to keep it simple with the most imporatant information front and center.

Since I wasn't going to be displaying much information compared to other weather apps, I thought the design should reflect that, so I decided to go with a flat UI design approach. I wanted to take advantage of the color palette and thought it would work well with a flat design approach, and that the fonts would help add a fresh and clean aspect to the design as well.

I know there are tons of weather app mockups out there and I'm sure this is similar to at least one of them, but this is my go at it, so enjoy!


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