Case View - Take 2

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  1. Tyler Allen Tyler Allen

    Second take on a medical document dashboard I have been working on. You can check out the full pixels or view the browser preview.

    Feedback is always welcome. :)

    12 months ago

  2. Kyle Schmitz Kyle Schmitz

    Silly question, but what typeface is that? I've been looking for a really clean rounded web font.

    12 months ago

  3. Tyler Allen Tyler Allen

    @Kyle Schmitz The logo font is called Bariol. You can get the normal one for free, and the family really cheap. :)

    12 months ago

  4. Kyle Schmitz Kyle Schmitz

    Awesome, thanks! You're right, great price.

    12 months ago

  5. Tyler Allen Tyler Allen

    @Kyle Schmitz Not a problem!

    12 months ago

  6. Alyssa Pelletier Alyssa Pelletier

    Love the colors you've used, looking really good!

    12 months ago

  7. Harsha M V Harsha M V

    awesome dashboard. any other screenshot of the same project?

    9 months ago

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