Glynnis Ritchie

Reef Illustration

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For Naveon’s Post-Acute Care mobile app (a project I did with NewAperio), I proposed developing a unique and flexible illustration style that can evolve as Naveon grows—something visually appealing that works in many contexts and across character, scene, spot, and icon illustrations.

I was tasked with creating a collection of vibrant, whimsical, informal illustrations that could be used with the mobile app's "Get to Know Me" questions posed in the app to help Care Teams understand their patients' motivations, goals, and personalities. Because "Get to Know Me" questions may vary by a patient's diagnosis or care facility, I could not anticipate what content or question an illustration might be paired with.

To create a broad and flexible system, I identified unified concepts, themes, motifs, and visual styles that communicate Naveon’s brand while taking into account the user’s emotional state. I wanted illustrations and visual style—like the app itself—to guide and support the patient's experience. I focused on illustrations that depict journeys, guidance, and peaceful or expansive landscapes.

Some of the emotional themes I identified were in direct contrast to situations the patient or their families find themselves in—a contrast to emotions we typically associate with post-acute care. Visuals and interactive design in the app seek to soothe and support, rather than amplify the stress and confusion that can often accompany medical events.

At the same time, it was important that illustrations and visuals should strive for balance. Scenes, characters, and themes depicted shouldn’t feel insensitive, oblivious, or out of touch with the user’s situation. When using the app, users should feel:
- Supported NOT isolated
- Desire to learn and explore NOT bewildered or illiterate in the face of medical events
- Informed and confident in decisions NOT uncertain and hopeless
- Comfort NOT pain
- Calm and at peace NOT stressed and confused
- Intent, deliberate, and confident in decisions NOT reactive

Here's my initial sketch of a vibrant coral reef scene. Initially I wanted to show rays of light underwater, but the client felt too much shadow and rock might feel dark. You can see in my final illustration that I eliminated the rocks to keep the scene feeling lighter, with a shallower water setting.

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